Procreate launches new app for iPad users: All the details

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Procreate has been one of the best-selling apps on iPad. Now, the developer has announced the launch of its new animation app for iPad,

Procreate Dream

. The app will be released globally later this year. Designed for touch,

Procreate Dreams

introduces workflows of faster speed and intuitive tools for anyone who wants to animate.
Price and availability
Procreate Dreams will be released on November 22, 2023, and will be available on the App Store for a one-time purchase of $19.99. No extra subscriptions are needed.
New features

Artists and animators can simply and spontaneously direct how the animation should feel with new tools such as


, which uses gestures to automatically add keyframes as the tool records the actions. The Multi-touch Timeline is at the core of Procreate Dreams, making it easy to navigate, organise, and edit projects. Creatives can seamlessly mix drawing, cel animation, keyframing, video editing, and compositing, all with fluid gestures that keep artists focused on creating.

The app supports all Procreate's brushes, which are optimised for the precision and low latency of

Apple Pencil

and loved by creatives worldwide.
Procreate’s next-generation painting and compositing engine enhances the creative’s painting experience. Users can access hundreds of incredible Procreate brushes in a new and improved painting engine, on even bigger canvases, with more layers to play with, and full support for files created in Procreate’s popular digital illustration app.


acceleration built on Metal and powered by Apple silicon, creatives can now instantly play their project as they make edits, bringing so much more time for creativity.
Users can draw over video with ease to create annotated or rotoscoped projects using the full library of Procreate brushes. Procreate Dreams also introduces a new audio engine. Creatives can now bring their characters to life with voiceovers, add atmospheric music, and finish projects with sound effects.

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