Translucia, Sunovatech partners to build Metaverse and Talent Ecosystem

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developer, a subsidiary of T&B Media Global (Thailand)


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India have announced a series of initiatives to build a metaverse and

talent ecosystem

Translucia has partnered globally to build a comprehensive ecosystem with metaverse elements to create a virtual world worth US $3 billion. Following the partnership, Sunovatech will act as a production hub to build 3D assets, environments, and modules for the Translucia metaverse. The collaboration is also said to bring together major businesses and startups specialising in related metaverse technologies to contribute in building a comprehensive ecosystem. The engagement will involve businesses across verticals, including -- healthcare, education, art & culture, technology, and real estate.

The collaboration between Translucia and Sunovatech will engage with industry leaders, startups, and the related ecosystem, to bring the virtual community under one roof, with plans to reveal a unique virtual experience launched by early next year.
Sunovatech will assist in the development of 3D assets and environments for visualisation by utilising its exceptional

Unreal Engine

technology development and specialists.
Speaking on the recent partnership, Dr.

Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp

, Founder and CEO of T&B Media Global and Founder of Translucia, said, “We have partnered with potential businesses across the globe in technology infrastructure development, creativity, interactive user experience, finance, and economics/tokenomics to build a US$3 billion interconnected metaverse, and we believe India is a perfect destination to explore talent that would help to accelerate our project.”
Adding to the announcement, Mr.

Rishi Ahuja

, Founder of Sunovatech, said, “We are excited to enter this new phase of the collaboration where we will engage with the Indian ecosystem working on metaverse and other immersive technologies.”

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