This new Overwatch 2 bug is affecting PC players: What is it

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Blizzard Entertainment

has recently launched

Overwatch 2

which aims to replace the original first-person shooter game – Overwatch. From cyberattacks to UI glitches and frequent server disconnections, the game has not seen a smooth start. Now, a new bug is affecting the PC version of Overwatch 2 which is causing the systems to freeze, shut down and restart as players wait for their next match. Blizzard has already addressed this issue and is actively working on a permanent fix to squash the bug.

We are currently investigating an issue with computers restarting or shutting down while playing #Overwatch2. You c…

— Blizzard CS EU (@BlizzardCSEU_EN) 1665576000000

How is the bug affecting PC players
PC players have reported the issue on Blizzard’s official support page and have mentioned how the bug is affecting their systems. CPUs come with a default safety mechanism setting that causes the system to shut down whenever there is a major increase in heat. According to the players, a new bug in Overwatch 2 is causing a severe heat spike in CPUs that is activating the system’s safety mechanism to prevent its processor from suffering a meltdown.

The players have no idea about how this bug is causing such a heat spike and have mentioned that an effective workaround is yet to be discovered. As mentioned above, Blizzard is already investigating the issue and the publisher is even asking players for help.
How PC players can help with the investigation
Currently, Blizzard is collecting information about the hardware that is being used by the affected players. Players who are currently experiencing this issue can help Blizzard with this investigation by sharing their PC specifications on Blizzard’s official support page.

It is advised that players should avoid accessing Overwatch 2 on PC until the creators offer a permanent fix to this problem. Automatic shutdown due to CPU overheating is not good for the overall health of the system.

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