Microsoft brings new features to Teams, Viva and Microsoft 365

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held its Ignite 2022 event recently. Besides unveiling its new hardware in the form of Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Pro 9, the company also announced new

Microsoft 365

capabilities that includes new features like

Teams Premium

and Microsoft Places, and updates to Viva, Microsoft’s digital employee experience platform. Here are the key highlights.
Teams Premium meeting
Microsoft has introduced


Premium meeting offering that includes Intelligent Recap, a new AI experience, like a virtual assistant during meetings —even in your absence. As per Microsoft, it creates tasks, automatically generates chapters from the meeting and shares personalised highlights from the recording.
Teams Premium also includes AI-powered live translations for captions, enabling meeting participants to view captions in any of 40 spoken languages. With this language ability, participants would be able to join the discussion in the language of their choice.
Mesh avatars
“Mesh avatars for Teams lets users create custom avatars to represent themselves—so they can take a break from the camera but still have a physical presence in Teams meetings.”, said Microsoft in a press statement.
Microsoft Places
The tech giant has introduced Microsoft Places, a new Connected Workplace category, to help everyone understand who will be in the office when; where people are sitting; what meetings to attend in person; and how to book space on the days your team is already planning to come in. As per Microsoft, the new feature would help leaders understand how people are using the office, and ultimately optimise their real estate investments.
New collaboration platforms
Excel Live enables every participant to live-edit the Excel file directly, right from Teams—without ever opening the file. Teams Live Share turns any app shared in a Teams Meeting into a real-time, multi-user collaborative experience where participants can interact and collaborate.
Hours and location is claimed to make it easier to schedule in-person meetings by allowing people to specify where they will be working from and adjust on an hourly basis while Teams chat gives people more ways to prioritize work, protect boundaries and time, and express themselves authentically, said Microsoft.
Enhancements in Viva
Microsoft has introduced new features in Viva with an aim to align everyone in an organisation around the most impactful work to drive business outcomes. As per Microsoft, Viva Goals provides enhancements and integrations to goal setting and objectives and key results (OKR).
Viva Pulse lets managers and leaders "take the pulse of their teams" on an ongoing basis and take action when it matters while Viva Amplify provides metrics to help leaders and managers communicate more effectively with their employees.
Windows 365
Windows 365 is a new cloud computing paradigm built for the distributed workforce era. With the new Windows 365 app, users will be able to access their Cloud PC directly from the Windows 11 taskbar or start menu and then stream the full Windows experience—all their apps, settings, and content—to any device, said Microsoft.

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