Google’s note-taking app is getting a new feature

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Google’s note-taking app is getting a new feature

Google Keep, a popular note-taking app on Android, has been updated to offer better sorting options for notes and lists. Users can now customize the order of their notes by tapping and holding to drag them. However, there are currently no preset sorting options available. Additionally, a hidden flag in Keep has revealed additional sorting options like Custom, Date Created, and Date Modified, which may be added in future updates. To update Google Keep, users can go to the Google Play Store and search for the app to install the latest version.

Google Keep

is one of the most common note-taking apps available on the


ecosystem. It offers most features that a

note-taking app

should offer. Google recently updated the app to offer better and more features like rich text formatting, doodle support, platform-wise sync and more.
Now, Google is updating the app to offer better sorting of notes and lists within the app.
Custom sorting is now available in Keep
As opposed to the current reverse chronological sorting by default, Google now lets users sort the notes and lists in any order they think suits best them by a simple tap and hold to drag. This will allow users to custom sort the notes or lists within the app. However, there are no other preset sorting options like by name or date available as of now.

In addition to that,


also keeps some notes pinned at the top to help users find important notes easily without going through all of them.
Keep does have more sorting options, but it needs to be activated manually. @AssembleDebug on Telegram used the GAppsMod tool to activate the hidden flag in Keep that revealed additional sorting options for notes and lists. This includes Custom, Date Created, and

Date Modified

It is possible that Google may add these options to Keep with future updates. For now, only Custom sorting option has been made available.
Updating Google Keep
Head to Google Play Store and search Google Keep by tapping on the search bar at the top. From the search result, tap on Keep and then check if there’s an update available for the app. If you see the Update button, tap on it to install the latest available version of Keep.

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