Explained: How is Google Chrome OS Flex different from Chrome OS

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Chrome OS

in 2011. Now, the tech giant has announced the latest version of this platform called


OS Flex. This updated platform is also compatible with Mac and Windows systems. Here, we will discuss how the

Chrome OS Flex

is different from its predecessor and what additional features does this updated platform offer.
What is Chrome OS?
Chrome OS is a Linux-based platform that Google has designed for notebooks. It is based on the Chrome web browser and uses cloud storage as its primary data hub and focuses mainly on Google-related products.
How is Chrome OS Flex different from its predecessor?
Google has used the Chrome OS exclusively for Chromebooks and has designed its latest version with schools and businesses in mind. However, users can try out Chrome OS Flex on their regular Windows or macOS systems. The new version is free to download for anyone as well as compatible with both Windows and Mac.
Chrome OS Flex users get the same quality of support and service from Google. The company has also mentioned that the Chrome OS Flex uses the same codes and has the same user interface used by Chrome OS. Both the platforms support Google Assistant and have other common features.
Additional features of Chrome OS Flex
Chrome OS Flex was developed to reduce the dependency on hardware to a bare minimum. It allows this platform to work even on older Windows PCs. Google claims that apps perform quicker on Chrome OS Flex and help in faster system boot up. The company has also promised to provide users with regular updates that will keep their devices safe from viruses, malware and phishing attempts.
How to get Chrome OS Flex on Windows or Mac
Google has made the Chrome OS Flex platform easy and free to download. Users only need a compatible system and a USB drive to run this platform. It is important to note that Google has made it clear that this platform is still in its early phase and users might encounter issues or bugs. Users need the USB drive to boot the platform, then they need to install it on their Mac or PC to run it.

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