Elden Ring gets a new, long trailer of over 6 minutes

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Elden Ring, the upcoming dark fantasy role-playing game by


, has got a new overview trailer, which is over 6 minutes long. The trailer was released by PlayStation’s official YouTube account. The game is set for launch on February 25.
The new trailer gives a more detailed view of the fantasy land of ‘The Lands Between’. In the trailer, a narrator briefly outlines what all players will be able to do in this dark fantasy world, co-created by

George RR Martin


Hidetaka Miyazaki

. You get a look at what all sorts of enemies and creatures abound in the land and the challenges you will face as you explore it as a part of your quest. You can use both melee and ranged weapons in the game and will have to fight against game bosses, who control various areas in the game world.
The story of the game is centred around an Elden Ring, a powerful artefact and the


, both of which are responsible for imbuing the fictional world with divine grace. As per the backstory, of which we know little, there were some individuals who lost that grace and were banished from The Lands Between. But when the

Elden Ring

got shattered after a long time, the very source of the Erdtree’s blessing got disrupted and the world descended into chaos. Then the exiled Tarnished are called back with the help of the long lost grace of the Erdtree. You play as a descendant of the Tarnished in the game and have to face the former heroes of the land.

In the game, you will not only get to explore the surface world but also underground when you access a ‘Legacy Dungeon’, “a complex and intricately built dungeon map that connects seamlessly with the surrounding landscape”. You’ll meet more enemies there and can also loot chests for rewards. Outside the dungeon areas, you can summon


, your spectral steed for traversing large distances. In the map, you can mark the areas you wish to explore.

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