Apple “ungodly well-managed”, says Berkshire Hathway’s vice chairman

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Berkshire Hathway’s vice chairman

Charlie Munger

has heaped praises on tech giant Apple, calling it an “ungodly well-managed” company in an interview with YahooFinance. In the interview, he said: “I think


is one of the strong companies and will stay a strong company. I think it’s ungodly well-managed.”
He also tried to validate why the


is so popular.
“I judge the strength of the company based on how much the customers love it,” he said. “And I’ve got zillions of friends who they’d almost part with their right arm before they’d part with their iPhone. That’s a hugely powerful position to be in.”
Apple is the largest stock holding of

Berkshire Hathway

and Warren Buffett has also called Apple CEO Tim Cook “one of the best managers in the world '' last year, as per a report by CultofMac.However, Berkshire Hathway did take a loss of $20 billion in 2021 about which Buffett reportedly said that selling too much of the stock was “probably a mistake”.
Also, when asked about whether he liked Berkshire Hathway’s investment of $1 billion in Activision Blizzard before Microsoft bought the gaming company, he said that he didn’t “pay much attention to that” but thinks that “gaming is here to stay, if that's what you're talking about. And I like Bobby Kotick a lot. I consider him one of the reasonable people in that field. And I don't think he personally tolerated a lot of crazy misbehavior either.”

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